# WHY YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT ### By O Rolland, Mon Apr 17 03:49:16 PM CDT 2023 *FoxMoss here, first article not written by me. I would like to be clear that this is an opinion article and does not reflect the views of me or the site.* ## INTRO Many people have found the Russians as a bigger threat to the world but China has many things that make them more dangerous since they have done things such as have slavery of ethnic minorities and the have been doing military actions around Taiwan that could spark a third World War and a Nucular Apocalypse but here is more information about things that are important to know about China's threat to the USA. ## NOT ALL BAD Many of us kids can think things like "Nazis were bad so all Germans are bad" but thinking since a group of a country is bad the country is bad is false. I want to make it clear that the Chinese are a perfectly fine people but their government has a lot of corruption. ## AFRICA Not many of us kids know that China has growing influence in Africa, with many important resources they want to cash in on the poor African countries, such as South Africa. This is bad for if they have more allies they are more of a threat to NATO and the rest of US aligned countries like Japan and Australia. ## ECONOMY Their economy is growing fast, very fast, this makes them have a important part of the global economy and from this Biden and NATO have been working to make it that we don't need Chinese imports in our country and NATO countries like Germany and Norway, with this their influence is in a bad place so that is another reason they are going to africa is to keep their economy strong. ## MILITARY This is the ONE thing you should NOT be scared of as much. Their TRASH navy is bigger than ours but could not stand a CHANCE against us, their army, some of their guns are PLASTIC cheap copies of our guns, so this is not scary at all.