# Stalking People Is Now Incredibly Easy ### By Jayden, Fri 05 May 2023 10:22:09 PM CDT In the past week, I've come across a website called "[clustrmaps.com](https://clustrmaps.com)". This website allows you to search anyone over the age of 18 by name. The website will give you the person's birthdate, addresses past and current, other people connected to them or their address, and the persons phone number. The site also allows you to conduct a reverse phone number search that shows you the owner of any phone number you enter. I've checked the website's results against real-life information and concluded that the information that this website gives you is in fact real. I won't directly encourage the use of clustrmaps.com as it could possibly lead to problematic outcomes. however, i will say it is an incredibly useful resource and serves as an example as to how dangerous the internet can be. *Hi Fox here again with another article not written by me. I would again like to make clear that MossNews and any mirror sites does not encourge, condone or in anyway promote illegal use of the site. Stay safe, [opt out](https://clustrmaps.com/bl/opt-out).*