# MPS Hacked! ### by FoxMoss, Sat Mar 11 07:50:20 AM CST 2023 ## Intro If you didn't know I go to school in Minneapolis, as such I go to the Minneapolis Public Schools (a.k.a. MPS ). Recently there was a whole deal about some "encryption incident" where the entire system got screwed up. Printers went haywire and we all had to change our passwords. Some of you might have speculated that the school got hacked. While true it might not be the whole story. ## What actually happened? From the last weeks I've been able to gather a good deal of info on the event. A ransomware group known as Medusa found some entry point in the MPS servers. They then encrypted all the files making them unreadable. Its like they put the files in a vault and only they have the key. The group then asked the district for 1 million dollars in crypto by March 17th or all the data would be leaked on the dark web. This is all fairly standard ransomware stuff minus the price of 1 million dollars, which would is normally much higher. The MPS had none of this and decided not to pay the ransom instead opting to reverting to a backup of their servers and resetting all the passwords. **If this data does get out, and there's no reason to suspect it wont, all data MPS has on it's 36,370 students and staff will be all public information.**